It’s about time for the 2.3 beta which…

It’s about time for the 2.3 beta, which is chock-full of awesome UI updates. ActionBar? Check. MenuDrawer? Check. More Holo goodness? Triple-check.

Because of all the UI updates, we’d really like your help in beta testing this new release. If you could please report in on which device you have tested with, it would really help us as well. In general, please poke around with the new UI and features, and let us know what you like/don’t like. If something is broken, be sure to let us know as well!

Here’s the download link, make sure your device allows installation from ‘Unknown Sources’ so that you can install the app.

While the beta is going I’m going to reach out to the WP-Polyglots to get the translation strings updated.

Here’s a screenie, too: