I’m in the process of moving out and took a photo of the chaos. A little while later I sat down at my laptop on a tea break. I checked Google+ and had a notification that I had an instant upload photo. I shared it (being that it’s nearly friction-less).

I instantly thought, again, how wonderful it would be if it was my blog that was notifying me that there was a photo to share. I’d honestly much rather blog that stuff than G+ it but I keep on using the ‘easier’ option because, well, it’s easier!

I did mention this before and I know it’s definitely not so simple to implement, but I think for both self-hosted and wordpress.com (consider that people may end up purchasing additional storage) it would be worth it.

Obviously there’d be caution needed with privacy (strong obfuscation of instant upload img locations/filenames), and for self-hosted presumably there’d be a wide-range of issues.

Does it sound even remotely feasible. Obviously this is beyond the bounds of just Android Dev, but I guess I’ve been on here the most so it seemed a good place to start the conversation.

Now, back to packing!