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I hope to spend a little more time touching these up before the dev chat tomorrow, but wanted to go ahead and share them just in case I don’t get a chance to.

So, in working on the new menu drawer (apparently that’s closer to the official name for it, rather than “sliding menu”), I decided to start doing some mocks to figure out what the interaction should be like. I’m pretty sure that @isaackeyet was/is working on some wireframes, but I went ahead and tried some things out… and then got a little carried away šŸ™‚ You can go ahead and take a look here (or this might be easier to browse).

Balsamiq Mockups (which I know most people use) wasn’t quite giving me the desired results, so I switched over to Photoshop, since there are a ton of templates out there. I wasn’t really intending these to be pixel-perfect, but they get relatively close. These were mainly me playing with ideas of using standard Android widgets as much as possible… things like the standard bottom action bar, contextual action bars, scrollable tabs (all seen in the screenshot to right), etc. There’s still a ton more to do, and I’m not wedded to any of these… it was really just an exploration. I do have somewhat strong feelings on a few of these screens, but they’re small things; plus this is all well beyond the scope of the current release, so we don’t need to have these conversations anytime soon.

That said, this exercise did bring up a few points for me. First, we’re going to need some additional icons for the menu. We could consider revamping all of them to make them more Android-esque, but at the very least we need a light version for Dashboard and Reader (and Settings, unless that goes into the overflow menu). I’m also still a bit torn on where the blog selector should live. I currently have it in the ActionBar, but only on the home screen. In my mocks, I’m utilizing the ActionBar to provide context on many of the other screens, which means in order to switch blogs, you’d have to navigate up to the home screen (probably 1-3 clicks on the app icon), and then select from the spinner. Alternately, the blog name could be the first menu item, and selecting it would pop a spinner or some other kind of selector. I think we talked about that in chat last week. I’ll keep playing with different approaches.

Anyway, just wanted to throw these out there and get any general feedback. I’ve started doing some flow diagrams as well, but haven’t gotten very far (beginning of home screen flow is here). Everything, including the PSD files is available here or here (different views into Google Drive, not sure if one is necessarily easier).