Any thoughts on cleaning up the history of the git mirror for wordpress-android, similar to what Mark proposed here: ?

The one downside Mark doesn’t mention is that it requires exposing the email address for all of the authors, since that’s how git authors are primarily identified. That may not be a big deal, given exposure of email on mailing lists and such, but it’s worth noting. Looking at the current commit history, the full list of authors is: aerych, anirudh24seven, barry, daniloercoli, isaackeyet, koke, mrroundhill

The other related question is about keeping the github mirror up to date. I’d much rather just fork from the main repo, but as it is, I’m doing my own `git svn` stuff. does a pretty good job of staying up to date… any chance of just replicating the cronjob used for that? (If all else fails, I’ll volunteer to run the sync jobs)