I searched the blog for similar question but did not find something. So I hope my question is not already answered somewhere.
I am in the process of writing an App for a sports club. Part of it should be to show the blog from the club’s web site. It is important, that the content is available offline. When I came across the source code of the WP for Android App, I thought it would be good to have two Fragments, i.e. the ViewPosts and the ViewPostFragment to show up in my App, but both to be used in read only mode.
It would therfore be pretty nice if I would be able to call those two fragments from the outside and also use the DB functionality of the App to save the data locally. To get access to my blog I would like to pass a URL and the needed credentials as parameter. Technically these type of changes should be possible, my issue is more of a legal type.
If I got it correct, the WP for Android App is licensed under GPL. This does mean that I am not allowed to embed part of the code into my App without open-sourcing my App, as the two fragments would be a integral part of my app. Therefore it would be interesting to modify the original WP for Android App, give back my changes to the community, make WP for Android App an optional part of my App and call WP for Android App during run-time when I show my blog.
Would that be legally safe? Did you ever got similar requests o is somebody already working on something similar?