Can you guys please add a feature that will allow me to quickly post all of the blog updates I have awaiting in my “outbox”. I travel a lot and only have internet for 30 minutes a day or less……I would really love it if the software would work more like an email app and would automatically upload my posts when it detects an Internet connection as opposed to giving me weird Java errors in my notification area (Galaxy Note).

I really hate having to go back to EVERY post, one by it…then click post on the bottom of the screen, it’s incredibly time consuming.

Also, would it be possible, along with “edit” and “delete” and “share” options when you long press on a post to please add a “post” button.

Also, since I only post photos and a bit of text, could you guys (in settings) allow for a “simple post mode” and disable all the needless features like tags/categories/location/settings blah blah……

Just have “title” and the “blog content box” and a big POST button at the bottom..

These would make things a bagazzzilllion times faster and easier.

Much love, and thank you for an awesome program.

(PS. The WebOS version is getting a bit stale….yes yes..I know)..