Well it’s been a couple of days since my last post and now I’m wondering if anyone is listening here.

I have an update on my findings with the latest WordPress for Android 2.1 build. It seems the problem I’m having isn’t a threading issue but rather a problem using SSL from an Android Virtual Device.

I’m sure anyone doing development here that doesn’t have an actual Android device knows about the AVD which comes with the Android development kit. Well this is my primary development environment since I don’t have an Android device handy.

As such, it’s kind of a big problem for SSL not to work when communicating with the WordPress service. I found an article dating back to 2009 which mentions that there was a problem using the WordPress RSD service when using SSL. Apparently this was causing intermittent problems when devices would attempt to discover information about WordPress and it was reported that the service would take upward of 3 minutes or more to respond which was causing the system level timeouts to abort the connection attempt.

Although haven’t discovered the exact location of the problem in the WordPress for Android 2.1 code base it seems like it’s probably around the call “getXMLRPCUrl” in AddAccout which attempts to use RSD to get the proper url. I’ve found that if I just hard code it to use “http://wordpress.com/xmlrpc.php” instead of letting it discover the preferred url, the problem goes away.

Perhaps this is a problem specifically with using the AVD environment and the Eclipse debugger but it’s still too soon for me to say. If anyone has had this problem and has a suggestion on how to work around it without modifying the codebase, please let me know.

Again, patiently awaiting a response.

Thanks in advance!