I have a question for the other WordPress For Android developers. I just recently checked out the codebase and am currently working on version 2.1 (version code 48).

In evaluating the current product I found that I immediately had a problem trying to add an existing WordPress.com hosted blog to my Android application.

After a couple days of trouble shooting the issue I found one simple fix for it. This obviously is not the fix but it does point to the possible problem. This is a guess at this point but I wanted to get some feedback to see if anyone else is having this problem.

It seems that in the class AddAccount (AddAccount.java) if you try to reference the containing classes private member “client”, the thread XMLRPCMethod always fails to connect to the host. However if I move the instantiation to a local variable within the thread it works fine.

Based on what little I know so far about the problem, it would seem that the parent classes private member is not thread safe to access from the thread XMLRPCMethod. Again that is a guess at this point I wanted to bring it up in case I’m completely off in my investigation.

I patiently await your responses.

Also, if this is in fact a bug, where do I report the bug to be fixed in the next build?