App for a custom website using WordPress

Hey, I am new to Android App Development and am currently working and trying to develop an application for a comanpy (, that would do the following functionality..

log into a website( via the app
after logging in, it should provide the functionality to post any view/suggestion/comment to that website based on the same options that one would get if they logged into the website via the internet browser from a desktop/laptop.

So I was wondering firstly is it possible to develop such a new custom app (changeHyd) which would require it to connect to the website and then after logging in, do the same features as mentioned above

if yes.. could somebody guide me with some technical help on how to proceed….

Basic stuff that needs to be done

  • Post a Comment
  • Take a Picture and then upload it with a certain description.

example –

This app will then be hosted on the website for the different users to download it on to their phone .