I’ve read a lot of comments in the market about the new UI. I personally don’t like it either. It doesn’t comply with UI standards. Plus, when you click dashboard, it just takes you to the web. What’s the point in that? There is no reason that most of the WordPress features cannot be available. Plus, since a good majority of wordpress users are self hosted, the stats feature is useless as it is only available to those with a wordpress.com account. We should be able to disable it if we don’t want/use it. Better yet, remove it altogether and have it be a plugin as a separate download. That way users who want it, can get it and use it if they want it. Just sayin…good suggestion.

So… since my previous UI concept for WordPress was so well liked, I’ve begun updating it to comply with new Android UI standards. You can view it here: http://fav.me/d4sk2h9. Stay tuned for updates to it. 🙂