On my family blog, I upload images and provide a lightbox solution as well, which contains the image in a higher resolution (1024px in width). When uploading images through the WordPress app, I was quite annoyed that I was restricted to only providing either an image in limited resolution and no link, or being forced to use the target link in full size. (When displaying within a lightbox overlay, it just becomes too much)

I’ve been using a modified version of the 2.x trunk locally for quite some time, but finally found an hour to integrate it a bit better.

I’ve extended the media settings like seen here.

This enables the user to upload an image in the size specified (300px in the sample) and then linking to a scaled image with higher resolution. (1024 in the sample)

I of course want to share this with the community, which creates an extra set of questions.
1. Is there an interest in the community for extending the settings and providing this behavior?
2. How would one go about handing over to the dev team, what’s the preferred approach?