Conflict with Amazon S3 plugins introduced with v2.0

Last year I set up a blog using the plugin ‘Amazon S3 for WordPress with CloudFront Version’ by James David Low [1] and was uploading photos successfully using WordPress for Android Version 1.5

My photos uploaded to the amazon bucket via the site as expected and the correct code was written at the end of each post.

When I upgraded to WP for Android 2.0 I discovered that while photos continued to upload to amazon via the site as expected; no code was written in post, and the image was not attached to post when I looked in the media library.

I then tried WP for Android 2.0 on a similar site with no AWS bucket, and photos upload correctly, so my Galaxy S2 phone, server configuration and WordPress (always latest version) settings are working together.

On a third site, which uses the original plugin Amazon S3 for WordPress v0.4 by Joe Tan [2], photos upload to amazon via the site as expected, but the code in the post incorrectly references wp-content/uploads instead of the amazon bucket.

On this site, media uploaded via a computer go to Amazon and are referenced correctly.

Any insights or fixes would be appreciated; I hope this is the correct place to raise this.