It’s time for the 2.0 beta! The new version has a new UI and a ton of great new features! Your help in testing it out before we release to Android Market is greatly appreciated.

If you’d like to help test, simply hit the link below or scan the QR code to install the new version. You will need a device with Android 2.1 or newer and ‘Unknown Sources’ enabled in Settings & Applications. Some things to test for:

  • Are all of your blogs still in the app if you upgraded?
  • Edit your blog’s settings
  • Create a new post, add some rich text, media attachments and try tapping on an image to set its title and caption. Also try scheduling a post and setting its post format.
  • Try to post a quick photo/and or quick video.
  • Edit an existing post on your blog.
  • Create and/or edit a page.
  • Enable comment notifications (Menu Key->Preferences at the dashboard view). Do new comment notifications work as expected?
  • Try the new reader! Change filters, like some posts, view freshly pressed, etc.
  • View your stats.
  • From comments/posts/pages/stats view, change to a different blog by tapping the blog name in the action bar.

Mainly, please try out all of the new features and try to break it 🙂 If nasty things happen or if you have any feedback, please reply here! It usually helps to know which device and android version you are running.