2.0 Features

Here’s what’s on the TODO list for 2.0!


Dashboard UI
The current blog list home will be replaced with a dashboard UI that will make it easy to access everything you’d want to do in the app. The dashboard view will scale to support tiny screens all the way up to tablets.

Action Bar
There will be an Action Bar at the top of every view in the app, so that you can switch blogs easily wherever you happen to be in the app. Tapping the top-right button will overlay the dashboard buttons wherever you are in the app for quick access to common actions.

Formatting toolbar above keyboard
Instead of having the formatting buttons in the post editor in the edit view, we’ll move the buttons to reside above the virtual keyboard. This way will make it much easier to add rich formatting to the post. Basically like this.

Post Formats
The app will display the post formats available for the theme the blog is using and allow the user to apply the post format to the post in the edit view.

Stats Widget
A contributor has been working on a stats widget that will integrate nicely with the app.

Honeycomb Support
The app will have upgraded layouts to better support the user experience on honeycomb tablets.

The Dashboard and Action Bar are currently under development, but the other features are available. If you want to have a crack at them, check out trunk from SVN and let us know on #wordpress-mobile in freenode how it’s going!